A few weeks ago, Bethesda stated that – despite having appeared in the revelation of Nintendo Switch – Skyrim trailer still was not confirmed for that platform. Now, the director of the game, Todd Howard, has made some comments that suggest otherwise. In a recent interview with Glixel, the developer spoke about the new console Nintendo and, in addition, to say very good things about it, practically confirmed that Skyrim would Switch. Then you leave a fragment of talk.

Skyrim to Nintendo Switch

Skyrim to Nintendo Switch

The list includes several titles that appeared in trailer Switch, such as Splatoon and Skyrim revelation, but also contains some names that Nintendo has not mentioned so far. They include, for example, Guardians of The Galaxy (developed by Telltale Games) and Mario RPG Rabbids (Ubisoft). Other interesting games that supposedly will Nintendo Switch in their first months of availability are ports of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., The Silver Case and a reboot of Pikmin.

In addition, Dale added some facts that are worth comment. In the case of Skyrim, the informant said that, despite the statements of Bethesda, their contacts ensure this title is confirmed to Switch, and also announced that a new Beyond Good & Evil would exclusively to this platform in 2018. One of the questions that the future users of Nintendo Switch are currently made is if the console will count or not support the third party regular and consolidated form.

Bethesda, one of them studies confirmed between them partners of the great N for the future, has been news in the last hours by them words of Todd Howard, the director of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and has made a series of reviews that confirm that Skyrim will come finally to Nintendo Switch. When asked about what you think about the Switch, did not hesitate to say I love you: “I have to play it, love it. You see, perhaps a restriction of the NDA… but it’s one of the best demos I’ve seen never; possibly the best at E3 “.

The interviewer wondered then if it’s a Nintendo game, but Howard said no, that it was the console: “I am referring to the own console. I think it is very intelligent what they are doing. Definitely, we will give them our support. It is the first time that we do something with Nintendo”. Finally, and here is where to get the confirmation of the title, responded that Skyrim will be equal both on television and on the screen of the tablet of the machine, leaving thus assume that effectively we have Skyrim in the catalog of Nintendo Switch, although he has not spoken of dates.