Face ID for Android Starts with Snapdragon 845

With the iPhone X, Apple takes a radical path and moves the fingerprint sensor in favor of Face ID, face recognition. This feature is already available on Android, but not with the same sensors, provided by the Qualcomm partner, Jabil Optics of Germany. As a bonus, the following Snapdragon chip appears in your presentation document.

Jabil Optics has developed a new module for use in mobile devices that consists of laser projection, camera and sensors to provide 3D detection at distances of 0.3 to 5 meters. The areas of application include, among others, the bokeh effect and facial recognition or “facial unblocking”. Since Jabil Optics is working with Qualcomm and will be used mainly in the Android area, it seems to be Apple’s Face ID response.

The document also presents a section on the Qualcomm chips that Jabil Optics uses with its sensors. And so we could see, without problems, the entry “SDM 845”, which would be the Snapdragon 845. Qualcomm may not have liked that detail since the successor of the Snapdragon 835 has not yet been official. The beginning of 2018 expects it. This leak discovered by the German journalist Roland Quandt (you have access to the document in the ‘Source’ section).

Face ID for Android Starts with Snapdragon 845

Various Possible Sensor Configurations

However, the Jabil Optics sensor will not work exclusively with the new Snapdragon 845. It will also work with the Snapdragon 835 and the Snapdragon 660. Also, Special VR chips are backed by Qualcomm.

Jabil Optics offers its technology in different configurations. What is needed is the Laser Projection Module (LPM) and the NIR camera, which can be equipped with a fixed approach for short distances and filters. Also, manufacturers can integrate an RGB color sensor, a double fisheye camera or both in their smartphones.

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