Galaxy Note 8 Deep Sea Blue

Galaxy Note 8 Deep Sea Blue

A recent leak has already stated that Galaxy Note 8 will have eight (or more) color options when it is launched formally by Samsung. They include novelties and other paintings already seen in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 lines, for example, now deep Sea Blue gives the guys more carefully.

This time, the fountain is, nothing more and nothing less, that Evan Blass, better known as evleaks, who used his official Twitter account to show a tone that approaches with the beautiful blue of the ocean. Were you curious to know the details?

With this, Galaxy Note 8 would form its eight color choices, but Samsung should not launch all in a single market, separation from the palette of tones across the globe. Below you can see the complete list with all the options that can be offered next to the purchase of the same, no difference in the price.

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Samsung has already released the date on which it will present the Galaxy Note 8 to the public: August 23, 2017. That means you have to wait just a week to get to know the brand’s new elite phone.

Via: Galaxy Note 8 Manual

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