How to Configure the Sleep Settings On Apple TV

After I bought and installed my new Apple TV, I realized that it did get to sleep as fast as I would have preferred. Setting your Apple TV to go to sleep quicker means you may save on your energy bill. At the same time, should you’d like to continue to keep it running, you’re free to prolong the running state of the device. Changing the amount of time it requires your Apple TV to go to sleep is done.

Set top streaming boxes, like the Apple TV, are devices that are always connected to a TV. They allow you to stream movies from the Internet through services like Netflix or even Hulu. A number of the unit usually does not have power switches or perhaps the ability to show off them, so they rely on timers which put them to sleep after a specific period of inactivity. This is a good remedy to save power or prevent any. But if you do not want your Apple TV to get to sleep, then you can follow the steps below.

How to Configure the Sleep Settings On Apple TV

If you deliberately wish to set your Apple TV on sleep mode, you certainly can certainly do it by the long-pressing Home button on Siri Remote; the menu will be generated by this with a Sleep option. But when you wish to watch some thing for the extended period?

  • After going through this advice, you ought to be able to avoid your Apple TV from going to sleep in the event you leave that machine untouched for quite a while.
  • To correct or disable your Apple TV sleep mode start at the >> Home screen and select the >> Settings menu.
    Within the Settings menu select the >> General sub-menu.
  • At the Sleep After menu from sleeping 32, you may choose the quantity of time until the system collapses in increments that range from 15 minutes to 10 hours or block the apparatus. Once you create your find if your aim was to do it in sleep faster to conserve electricity or make sure it remains wide awake to display photos and the changes take effect instantly, no reboot is needed.
  • The steps that are above mentioned make certain that your Apple TV is busy until you place it in sleep mode by some manual operations. If your Apple TV is on sleeping mode with an action, you can wake it up by pressing any button on your remote. It is possible to see a tiny light’s glow on the front of Apple TV.

Remember that Apple TV enables you to choose between other sleep distress like fifteen minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, five hours and ten hrs per day.

Should you prefer to place your Apple TV back to sleep mode, then only press the Menu button on the Remote for a couple of seconds, then select Sleep or Cancel from the pop-up menu.


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