iOS 10 CompatibilityAs Apple lovers, you must be already known that even though the name of newest product of Apple iPhone has not released yet—now it is called with iPhone 7, there are huge number of people who keep talking and make conversation about it, like you know, there are huge curiosity spread over the air when the rumours hit the trend. Known as mobile phone that have different operating system, iOS, and Apple iPhone also known as expensive-price device yet paid off with the specification in full pack inside the phone. Thus, including the iOS—as operating system used in Apple iPhone—that really work in progress, the information of iOS 10 compatibility also become hot topic from almost all people throughout the year. So, as long as you hope to wrecked it up along with the released date of the phone, at least you can hope to prove that Apple iPhone is still the best phone on the same category with another.

From, The iOS 10 actually will be previewed into customer, as also Apple lovers, during the WWDC 2016 as if Apple holds to its current pattern, still, or in the other name, it is usually around the beginning of June. Thus, as if you are looking for the opportunity as beta-user, you can root for the information that is released to the developers first, around the July, as public beta and around September or October to be released as general public. Thus, the iOS 10 compatibility needs to be worked in no time until the release date is being announced by Apple. In the other hand, beside the compatibility of the iOS as main operating system of Apple, the iOS 10 will support a 30-pin connector that is given boot, and based on the rumours, it may require more than 512 MB of RAM.

The iOS 10 compatibility also suggest in some major of changes, included the Siri works, that test a service which let you to call Siri, and allows Siri to answer calls for you. Moreover, the calls can also transcribe a message to you and then send it into your device via text messages. Well, such a cute yet high-class operating system, is not it? Thus, there is no need obvious feeling at first, when the iOS 10 comes along with the 10-number which is big, nice, yet can passing up the opportunity to be trend amongst the user, as well as it can bring up such some pretty changes in iOS 10 as final result.

Yet, the iOS 10 compability also really work in progress, proved by the regular updates that was released throughout the year. Thus, just hope for the best that iOS 10 will not follow the bad-mark given into the last operating system—the iOS 9 —which was failed to bring such exciting features that fulfil each user’s expectation. In the end, just make sure that you could boost the information right after you get the upcoming version is going to be released.