iPhone 7 TutorialCalled as the dream-phone to fulfil all of your expectation with the quality that can be given by a phone, it seems like this newest product manufactured by Apple can be the right and chosen one. Well, just called it with iPhone 7 and you will be realized on eager people are to keep rooting for this newest device, and keep digging up about the rumours, hint, clues, and another basic information which they really need and want to know about, include the iPhone 7 tutorial to make them easier while operating the new device. However, named with Apple as biggest trademark in the whole world, there is no need to worry about since Apple would never leave the disappointed of the user without any additional treatment to make it right, again. So, as if you would like to hear about several basic information about how the newest iPhone 7 look like, you can put your trust on this article.

The ability to do the wireless charging somehow can be the thing people are really waiting for, you know, the wireless charging technology. Yet, there is nothing related with this wireless charging technology-thing inside the iPhone 7 tutorial about the information that it is included in the box or the user need to buy separately as additional feature of the iPhone. The question appears since the charger wire is still provided on this product. However, the camera resolution still become the one feature people are rooting at since they keep asking eagerly on how great is the camera resolution given by this newest Apple product. Yet, as if another competitors have already used the 16 MP camera resolution for each of their product, Apple still leads the way to produce high resolution picture even though they only put the 12 MP camera resolution into the product. Well, as you have known, the quality never lying, right?

Speaking of the stereo audio, based on the iPhone 7 tutorial, you are about to get the Hi-Fi audio stereo with 2 speakers on this iPhone, located on the top and bottom edge. The great news is, it will be automatically working and activated whenever you place the phone at the horizontal position, automatically, so there is no need to pick it up with additional feature as spare part. However, ever since iPhone 6 used the Apple A8 dual core, it seems the newest Apple iPhone is ready to use the A10 and 4 core to support the processing data¬ósuch a big number of a phone, actually. The screen resolution also about 4.7 inch, either smaller or bigger, yet the screen resolution support into 1920 x 1080 pixel with 401 ppi, like no product can beat it up fairly, then.

In the end, as if you are still not familiar with the product, you can read the iPhone 7 guide, as the component include on the box, or read from addition official website to know more about the phone. Yet, just make sure that you have prepared such high-amount of money in order to purchase this Apple iPhone 7 as quick as possible.