Samsung Galaxy S8 Display
Samsung Galaxy S8 Display

Samsung Galaxy S7 was released last March, but now people are focused on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 which rumored to be launch in February or March 2017. The launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great chance for Samsung to help redirect the company’s efforts to gain new buyers who don’t already have a Samsung device. As we all know, the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which was end up with a debacle remains a bad trauma for some users, therefore the company needs to use this chance to lure those consumers back to the brand with exceptional technology or rock-bottom prices. And one of what people usually see of smartphones is its display. This is why although the device is not announced yet, people can’t wait to see how Samsung Galaxy S8 display will be.

Samsung Galaxy S8 screen size

Before we talk further about Samsung Galaxy S8 display, we should kick off the screen sizes for past Samsung flagship phones to get the closest possibility of the upcoming device’s display. First, we will start with the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 which has 5.1-inch and Galaxy S7 Edge with 5.5-inch. While its predecessor, both Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge has 5.1-inch. This screen size also used for the Samsung Galaxy S5. By reviewing this screen sizes of three generations of Samsung Galaxy, we can see a clear trend of 5.1-inch panels, which is a decent middle-ground that suits most users. While for Samsung Galaxy S8 screen size, we got a report from the Korea Herald who pointed to two variants of screen sizes: 5.7-inches and 6.2-inches. But personally, we’d expect the Galaxy S8 to follow suit of most users, that is 5.1-inches or any other number around this.

Samsung Galaxy S8 screen resolution

Besides the screen size, we also concern on the resolution of Samsung Galaxy S8 display. It is apparently that this year is the right time for the company to move to a 4K display, after they introduced a QHD screen on the Galaxy S6. This expectation is also supported by a report from Weibo who suggested that one variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will use a 4K-resolution screen. Recently the use of 4K-resolution screen becomes very popular related with virtual reality. By using a 4K panel for Samsung Galaxy S8 display, users would enjoy a significantly enhanced VR experience. If it is true, it will be a plus point for Samsung to get the consumers’ trust back on their brand. Moreover, Samsung is ready to use this as they have used the Snapdragon 820 to power the Galaxy S7 which already supports native 4K display at 60fps. Seemingly, it will be a good news for Galaxy fan that rumors about 4K display will come true based on The Korea Herald report from analyst at UBI Research, which is quoted as follow:

“Samsung Display showcased a 5.5 ultra-high definition 4K display with a pixel density of 806ppi for virtual reality devices at the Society for Information Display, a display trade show, in California in March. Considering various factors including the production yield rate for the next-generation display expected to improve in the coming months, the 5.5-inch AMOLED will be deployed in the next Galaxy smartphone, presumably, named the S8.”

We also got another rumor about Samsung Galaxy S8 display. Based on this rumor, the Galaxy S8 will only be available with a curved-edge display. This rumor is related to a Samsung executive who recently hinted that flat screens might be going away for good. The other statement of Samsung Mobile boss Dj Koh who spoke to the Korea Herald said: “Samsung has considered that it would make the edge display as the identity of the Galaxy S smartphone line-up if the company can provide consumers differentiated user experience through software and user-friendly functions (for the curved screen).” Then the follow up report was published by Herald saying that Samsung was considering whether to ditch flat screens on the Galaxy S-series going forward. For real, we do hope that Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with all expected display.

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