Wireless Printer Android

Wireless Printer AndroidAre you one of Android user who wants to know how to print from your Android device wirelessly? Well, you are coming to the right page. It is true because we are here to inform anything you need to know to print wirelessly from Android. Almost all wireless printer available on the market are able to be connected with android devices, which mean that the wireless printing is possible to do from android devices. Let’s say some famous printer manufacturer: HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung, and so on are now providing the wireless printer which can be used to print from Android. The printer manufacturer has provided certain wireless printing app which can help everything to go well just by downloading it in the store. Each app may not be identically the same, but of course they are all helping you to print easily.

Smartphone and tablets are just like computers, include android phones and tablets. Just like computers, android phones and tablets also can be used to send emails, browse the web, etc., and now you can also print a document from your android phone or tablet, too. There are several ways to print from android phone and tablet. And if you don’t have any wireless printer, no worries because you still have a chance to print from your android device. Do you wonder how to do that? Let’s see how in the following information.

Google cloud print

Google cloud print is a printing solution from google to make it possible to print from android devices like android phone and tablet, and also Chromebook laptop. Now google also provides an official Cloud print app to facilitate the google cloud print. If you want to use google cloud print, first thing to do is to make the printer available via Google Cloud Print. This can be done by enabling the Google Cloud Print-printer. You can also start with connecting the printer to a computer and don’t forget to activate the Cloud Print Support in Google Chrome. After the printer is connected, now the printer is associated with the google account and can be printed to from anywhere else, include your smartphone. The next step to print from your android is by installing the Google Cloud Print app for Android. Followed with opening a document to be printed, then tap the Share button and share the document to the Cloud Print app. Now, you are able to print from the printer. Make sure that you are using the same google account in your Google Chrome and Cloud Print app.

Wireless printer

Printing from Android devices to Wi-Fi printer is very easy. All you need to do is just connect the printer to a wireless network. And then connect your android devices to the same wireless network and then start printing. If the configuration is successful, your phone or tablet should recognize the printer when you start printing. If you have Bluetooth printer and you want to print from Android devices, you need to activate the Bluetooth on your Android device. When the printer is on, then your device will identify the printer, then you can do the rest as the available menu shown on the screen. Whatever your method is, make sure that you are following the procedure correctly. Wireless printer is the answer for so many difficult situation of the classic printer. Limited workplace is one of the problem when using wired printer, and the printer need to be share with many users such as in the office. Hopefully what we share here about wireless printer is helpful for you.